Simple Mystic Astrology - My Mission

My mission: to empower as many people as I can with Astrology, to help them look into the "window" of any person or event to gain hidden truth and insight.

I accomplish this by bringing my honest Astrological teachings to the world... all based in careful research, study, and experience.

Not only do I provide free information about Astrology on the Simple Mystic Astrology website... but I'm also working on providing some Astrology books, courses, and software.

Through experience, I have found the most successful Astrological insights are gained by following a step-by-step process laid out by a teacher who cares. I'm taking great care in creating my training materials and software with this in mind.

Above all, it's important that a teacher practices what he or she "preaches"... and is completely honest in presenting material. I've done my very best to do just that, and I hope all who visit get something out of my work.