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Aquarius Horoscope Characteristics

Does this describe you, if you're a Aquarius?

The non-conformists of the zodiac, Aquarians can’t help standing out. Not that they would want to suppress their individualism even if they were able to. These people are proud of their innovative tendencies and revel in their occasional zaniness.

For Aquarians, personal and societal conditional is there to be risen above. They see life as a blank canvas onto which they are prepared to paint only what really expresses their unique soul. This self-expression can take a variety of forms when it comes to their appearance.

While for some Aquarians self-expression means raiding the vintage store, experimenting with tie-dye or coloring their hair shocking pink, this is merely one expression of Aquarius energy. For those who grow up in more ‘alternative’ environments or for those with unusually open-minded parents, rebellion can come dressed in preppy clothes and a commitment to promoting conservative values. Everything is relative. The only thing you can be sure of with Aquarian energy is that it won’t be blending in.

Their innovative natures often make Aquarians natural scientists. Indeed science or computing often make lucrative careers for them. The internet age and the opportunities that it provides for careers in tech, was made for Aquarius. Others with more of a social inclination may apply their forward-thinking outlook to campaigning for progressive social causes.

A commitment to open-mindedness means that these people frequently become fervent humanitarians and concepts of fairness and equality are integral to their moral perspective. They have a disdain for prejudice in all its forms, although in their quest for uncovering the latest cause they can often overlook more immediate inequalities in favor of more exotic or fresh issues which satisfy their desire to be seen as innovators, even within a pre-existing campaigning context.

While Sagittarius energy is more concerned with exploring the philosophical underpinning of causes, with perhaps less of a focus on action, for Aquarius everything is about the reform. In order to feel happy with their contribution to the world, Aquarius must feel that it has effected or advocated for real change on some level.

The critiques which are often directed towards Aquarians center around their occasional tendency to be dismissive of those who they consider to be ‘behind the curve’, or who lack the quality of ‘quirkiness’ which Aquarians so admire. This might, somewhat paradoxically, challenge their popular image of open-mindedness.
They can also alienate some with willful provocativeness, which calmer signs often find exasperating.

However, their general tolerance and un-shockable personalities often make them very popular socially. Their curiosity about the world, which usually presents itself from early childhood, creates intelligent people, while their highly developed sense of the absurd makes them extremely funny, although some may exhibit a particularly surrealist form of humor which can baffle those who don’t have much of a correspondence with Aquarius energy.

Their taste in all cultural mediums is likely to lean towards the avant-garde and most enjoy their role as the ones who introduce the friends to the newest artist on the scene, or the new trend within the cultural sphere.

Throughout childhood Aquarians are likely to show extraordinary levels of energy, which can border on hyperactivity in some cases. Their minds seems to work at a much faster pace than most people’s and this can make them easily bored when they are not presented with enough to occupy them.

In the workplace these people favor open-plan working environments, where they can flit from task-to-task with ease and socialize with their colleagues. While they may sometime’s convey the impression of being unable to concentrate, in reality these people simply require a higher level of intellectual stimulation than most, and do not perform so well in a staid quiet context.

The same can be said in the classroom and Aquarians make live-wire children with a keen intelligence.
Within management roles Aquarians are likely to make unusually approachable and forward-thinking leaders, determined to implement their principles of equality in the wider interest of whatever enterprise they are engaged in, while their visionary natures can make them rather creative in terms of finding innovative solutions to those problems which arise.

Their idealistic natures also mean that Aquarius tends to welcome any opportunity to link their enterprise to a social or environmental cause and it is usually important that their working lives are compatible with their wider ethical interests.

In personal relationships Aquarius can always be relied on to liven things up. Expect off-the-wall dates, unusual birthday presents and a quirky, engaging presence at social occasions. These people are always popular though are more likely than most to shun conventional relationships and marriage.

While this does not mean that they are any less committed to their relationships than other signs, they do like the idea that they have re-invented relationships according to their own personal values and preferences. Anything less can often feel inauthentic to them.

While they may often present as rebellious iconoclasts, trampling over convention, at its heart Aquarian non-conformity represents a drive to uncover a more authentic mode of living, which they are continually striving to achieve.


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