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Leo Horoscope Characteristics

Does this describe you, if you're a Leo?

Like the celestial body which rules over them, the sun, Leos seem to radiate warmth and light and also… expect everything to revolve around them.

This tendency towards self-importance has earned Leos quite a reputation for self-centered or attention-seeking behavior. While they certainly relish admiration, the majority of these people are committed to making everyone else around them happy as well and they can find it difficult to relax or enjoy themselves if that is not the case. They know that even the most impressive star is nothing without a content and appreciative audience. If they occasionally come across as bossy it’s simply because they really do think that they know the best ways of making sure that everyone is having a good time.

Indeed these people are excellent hosts and enjoy nothing more than throwing parties where they can both shine and bestow their generosity on the world. Shakespeare once wrote that ‘All the world’s a stage...’ and for Leos this really is the case. They revel in showing up, showing off and showing everyone what fun looks like. If they can become slightly overbearing from time to time they usually make up for it with their generous spirits and affectionate natures and, ordinarily, Leos are one of the more popular signs.

While Leos might demand the Lion’s share of attention, whatever attention they do receive is rewarded. Leos derive tremendous enjoyment from entertaining others and often their confident exteriors conceal an insecurity about their capacity for this. For Leos, admiration and compliments are not simply superficial baubles for their ego, so much as something that they require in order to feel confident that they are making a contribution to the world.

Although these flamboyant types can occasionally grate on the nerves of more sensitive signs, Leo’s rarely mean to cause offence. In fact, behind their playful exterior usually lies a strong moral code and noble sense of justice, which they constantly endeavor to live up to. They are really quite proud of their sense of integrity.

As such, other’s unfairness or meanness can be really quite offensive to them, and they are likely to react badly to what they perceive to be unfair criticism, or the unreasonable behavior of others. Leo’s find it difficult to imagine why anyone would want to be mean when there is so much pleasure to be enjoyed in the world, and criticism can trouble them for longer than would be the case for most signs.

One criticism often directed at Leos is that they are one of the more vain signs of the zodiac, and it is certainly the case that personal appearance is important for these people. Leos will spend a considerable amount of time getting themselves ready, preparing for whatever role it is that they are playing that day. This can be most easily understood as simply another facet of their theatrical approach to life overall.

They may also be considered competitive, although, while they enjoy competition more than most signs, and are often gifted in the field of athletics, being such an energetic sign, Leos do like to feel that they have emerged victorious as a result of their own innate capabilities. Therefore any form of cheating is unconscionable to them.

This strong sense of moral purpose means that those Leos who can reign in some of their more dramatic tendencies can make excellent leaders, able to inspire others through their enthusiasm and integrity while maintaining a sense of regal authority. This can be useful in management roles, teaching, or indeed any role where charismatic oversight is required.

Leos are found in a wide range of careers, although, whatever role they perform, feeling that their contribution is valued is essential, and they will not choose to remain in any position where that is not the case.

While they can be slow to start work on any project, taking their time to prepare, and making sure that everyone knows what a contribution they will be making – to ensure that their efforts will be valued - once they settle into a role which appeals to them, Leos can work with an intensity that would rival any sign in the zodiac. They want to feel that they merit the authority and admiration that they so crave and therefore they realize that occasional performances of real impressiveness will be required.

The desire for authority can regularly be observed even in Leo children. They are likely to be the ones issuing the rules for whatever game is underway, or staring in the main role in the school play. Indeed, a disproportionate number of Leos end up in performance-related careers, where their theatrical natures can find expression on a real stage.

In relationships Leos require considerable amounts of attention and loyalty is non-negotiable. If they do not feel suitably appreciated this is a sign that is not reluctant to throw a tantrum, which will be carried out with particular dramatic flair. However, when they properly treated, this is one of the most loyal, affectionate and generous signs in the zodiac and they are experts at making the people around them feel important as well.


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