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Virgo Horoscope Characteristics

Does this describe you, if you're a Virgo?

When you say the word ‘Virgo’ to most people, it immediately conjures up images of the consummate perfectionist. It is what this sign is most famous for. While this reputation is well-deserved, in reality, there’s so much more to the sixth sign of the zodiac.

Thanks to their conscientious natures Virgos excel in any role which involves precision or organization. If you want something well-planned, ask a Virgo. Careers in fields such as accountancy, secretarial work, or planning events for large organizations come naturally to these people.

They are often quiet, particularly on first acquaintance but, if one spends long enough in any organization, it soon becomes apparent that, in a practical sense, these are the people running almost everything.

Further to their exceptional organizational skills Virgos are also particularly analytical and express their ideas with precision. For this reason Virgos also perform well in writing careers.

While they may draw criticism for what some interpret as an overly perfectionist or even critical nature, at the root of Virgo’s perfectionism lies a sensitive and easily embarrassed soul, who simply likes to feel that everything is running as it should.

These people have a strong dislike of confrontation and any sort of public row is likely to mortify them. They are sensitive to their surroundings and, ideally, prefer to avoid situations where others may be arguing or any other sort of emotional scene is likely to erupt as well.

This pre-occupation with conflict-avoidance can lead to passive-aggressive behaviors on occasion, with Virgos noticing everything though sometimes feeling unable to express their observations for fear of seeming too critical.
In order to get the best out of Virgo it is important to let them know that their observations are valued. When they feel like they are contributing, these people’s exceptional capabilities for organization and problem-solving can really shine, and this is for the benefit of everyone.

Usually Virgos perform most effectively in micro-management roles, where their unparalleled laser-focus can be given full reign, rather than in positions which require big-picture thinking, as these are likely to overwhelm them.
Once you move past their initially reserved demeanor, Virgos are surprisingly caring people. They love to feel that they are enhancing the lives of their friends and family through their contributions.

As an earth sign, these people are often in touch with the natural world. While this reverence for nature does not take quite such a direct form as it does for Taurus – who is never afraid to get their hands dirty – in Virgos there is often a marked, if slightly more abstract, admiration of nature. This can develop into an interest in natural or organic foods for example, or support for environmental causes.

Thanks to their gift for precision, Virgos often make excellent cooks, and many develop a passion for matters pertaining to nutrition and health. They may even enter one of the health professions, where they can apply their conscientiousness to the well-being of others. Although, if left unchecked, this interest in all matters health-related, combined with a tendency to seek out problems, can lead to hypochondria or other anxiety-related conditions.

Their analytical perspective makes them the go-to person for objective advice in their circle, although they might not express their personal feelings quite as outwardly as other signs. Overall Virgos like to show that they care through being of service. While this may confuse some of the more expressive signs, Virgo is practical in nature and in relationships they will express their love primarily through practical tasks, caring acts, and what they consider to be useful advice.

They may appear critical from time to time, but it is important to remember that Virgos see such commentaries as a contribution, and won’t share their valuable insights with just anyone. In a strange way, if a Virgo is criticizing you, it is likely that you have earned their trust in some way, thus even their critiques can be interpreted as a veiled compliment.

As children Virgos are likely to be unusually tidy, perhaps with an interest in collecting and organizing their toys rather than simply playing with them. They usually perform well in school, thanks to their fundamentally analytical mindset, and their conscientiousness means that they are unlikely to need to be reminded to complete their homework. Many children of this sign often give the impression of being older than they actually are, and they are unusually responsible people throughout their lives.

That said, Virgos do know how to enjoy themselves. While others might not understand the fun to be found in everything that Virgos want to do, these people really do know how to derive an enormous amount of satisfaction from performing everyday activities well, be that resolving a problem at work, or cooking the perfect meal.

At their best Virgos are natural Zen practitioners, able to derive satisfaction and pleasure from activities that other signs might not appreciate. As such Virgos can teach the other signs a few things about how to enjoy life more mindfully, while making tremendous contributions at the same time.


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