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Aries Horoscope Characteristics

Does this describe you, if you're an Aries?

The innovators of the zodiac, those influenced by Aries energy are natural leaders and trend-setters. Not ones to follow established processes, these people are always on the look-out for new and improved ways of doing things and enjoy the challenges that come with their role as pioneers.

Think of an explorer, radical entrepreneur, celebrated military general or star athlete and you’ll have a fairly good idea of what Aries energy is about.

While their independent, somewhat questioning streak might not always make them the most compliant employees, Aries make ideal entrepreneurs and thrive in any role where their talents for enterprise and innovation can shine.

To make the most of Aries’ natural capabilities, make sure that they have enough space and freedom to innovate and watch how impressive these motivated self-starters are once they set themselves a mission.

These are energetic people and, if enterprise doesn’t call them, they are equally likely to shine in the field of athletics, where their competitive side can find expression. Even if they don’t want to pursue sport professionally, some sort of physical activity is a must for those with a lot of Aries energy in their chart, as a way of expending their abundant energy reserves, which can otherwise cause a certain level of fidgetiness as they conduct their everyday lives.

Their rulership by the planet Mars, strongly associated with war and competiveness, also makes these people well suited to a role in the military, although don’t expect them to be the ones taking orders for long! Aries are natural leaders and rapidly rise to positions which reflect this, if they can conform just long enough for their innate capability to shine through. They rapidly secure promotions.

In fact many people might complain that Aries types can be domineering. While they’re certainly authoritative, this mostly stems from a certain level of decisiveness which simply means that these people are usually the first to formulate and share their ideas. It is rarely the case that Aries people want to engage in power-games for their own sake, or for underhand reasons, and there is a straightforwardness to their style of leadership which is refreshing.
Putting one’s self out there and being to first to suggest ideas requires confidence and Aries has this in spades.

They are courageous in most respects. While this might intimidate some, Aries normally remain blissfully unaware of this effect on others, as they’re always focusing on the next challenge.

These are forward-looking types, not ones for nostalgia, and other’s expressions of reluctance or discomfort when facing new situations might confuse them.

If Aries people could be said to have a fault, it is that empathy is not their strongest suit. While rarely unkind, these people simply find it difficult to understand why others might not be so forward-looking or excited by challenge, or simply want to move at a slower pace than they do, and this can lead to impatience.

Furthermore, their candidness of expression can alienate some, although to Aries honesty is simply the most efficient policy. On the positive side, their breezy natures mean that they are rarely offended for too long themselves; they simply can’t spare the time for grudges, preferring instead to move on to whatever exciting new challenge presents itself. Indeed there is a child-like quality to Aries’ expression which can be charming and disarming with its ‘say-what-you-see’ openness.

As children, expect to see Aries winning the races on school sports day – and relishing the victory of course – organizing the games with other children, or motivating them into acts of mischievous adventure. When they reach their teens, these children are likely to be amongst the first in their peer-group pushing for those all important markers of independence: the right to stay out at night, earn their own money and obtain that all important passport to independence... the driving license.

In relationships Aries will try to impress their partners with tales of courage and achievement, with anecdotes normally following a ‘then I overcame that challenge’ formula. In return they expect plenty of fun and adventure, although don’t expect too much in the way of long-drawn out emotional conversations. While Aries is a fiery, passionate sign, their expressions of emotion are short-lived, as they much prefer to move on to whatever else catches their attention.

Indeed, while these people are excellent initiators of all manner of projects, follow-through or commitment is not their strong-point and they would do best in roles or relationships where they can contribute their many and varied ideas without having to take too much responsibility for the execution of those plans. So, by all means ask Aries where they want to go on holiday or what they think of this or that business idea – they’re full of innovative contributions - but perhaps find another sign to carry out the arrangements; Aries will already be off on another mission.


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