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Capricorn Horoscope Characteristics

Does this describe you, if you're a Capricorn?

Calm, cool and collected, very little flusters these people. They are known for their composed demeanors and can be counted on to handle any crisis.

Capricorn’s innate sense of responsibility is often evident from early childhood and even as children these people are noted for their hard-working natures. They are also often extraordinarily patient and methodical people, and enjoy the challenge of working towards long-range goals. They are likely to be exceptionally well-behaved as children and they understand the importance of delayed gratification from an early age. These are the types who find no difficulty in saving their pocket money for a wider purpose.

If Capricorn is interested in sport, then marathons or cross-country expeditions are likely to prove the most satisfying options for them. Indeed they often find the discipline of a regular training regime rather invigorating.
They are often rather traditional people and prefer to live a life which follows established routes for success.

Their competence and hard-working natures mean that success often does come to these people and they enjoy the status that this confers. While the concept of showing off is alien to them, Capricorn does take a certain pleasure in the more conservative status symbols that success permits them, from owning their own home, to driving a ‘good’ car, to being able to dress in a manner which conveys taste and a certain level of wealth.

Careers in established fields such as law, accountancy, or within well-known businesses, which provide the opportunity for long-term success and a certain understated kudos often appeal to Capricorn and, once they settle on a career choice – which is likely to be relatively early in life - they are unlikely to change their minds, preferring instead to focus all of their energy on climbing their chosen mountain, one foot after the other, overcoming whatever challenges may present themselves on the way. In this respect they are much like their symbol, the goat.

Capricorn is likely to value a similar work-ethic in a partner and will usually look to cement their relationship through marriage. Traditional family values are important to Capricorn and they are usually more committed to their extended families than most.

Further to having a strong sense of their place and role within their families and social groups, Capricorns typically also have a strong sense of their place in society. They enjoy taking their place in the community and are often quite patriotic people, interested in matters of culture and heritage.

While Capricorns can seem reserved and even cold on occasion, they are normally loyal people who take their responsibilities as friends and family members very seriously, though they may express their affection through more practical measures than most signs. In particular these people derive tremendous satisfaction from making sure that those they care for are well-provided for; their partners and children rarely want for anything.

The calmness of Capricorn energy also means that there is no one better to have on standby in a crisis. These people are masters of emotional regulation and their resourcefulness and competence means that they can maintain their cool in a crisis long after other signs are struggling.

They are natural paramedics or fire fighters for this reason, although their capabilities in this respect also come in equally useful in charged social situations, which they easily restore equilibrium to. They are elegant people who often find a look more than sufficient to convey their displeasure and restore the correct etiquette to a situation.

Capricorns often exude an air of seriousness, and it is true that they are fundamentally work first, play later people. Capricorns know that in order to enjoy themselves, they must first fulfill whatever obligations present themselves and work in order to achieve whatever it is that will later enable them to relax in comfort.

However, when they do relax in company which they enjoy, Capricorns are known to exhibit a wonderfully dry sense of humor, which all signs appreciate. In fact their cool demeanor often makes them masters of the straight-faced one-liner and those who are drawn to a somewhat less conservative career path may find comedy to be a surprisingly good fit.

It is also important to remember that their cool exteriors are simply that... an exterior. Capricorns place great importance on maintaining their image in society and, while they will rarely express their emotions in a public setting, that is not to say that they are not often emotional people underneath, as those who know them well would concede.

If Capricorns could be said to have a fault it is that sometimes, in their quest to follow worthwhile endeavors, they can seem rather dismissive of what they consider to be more frivolous pursuits. It is important that they remember to incorporate a certain level of fun into their routine; otherwise they are liable to become rather too serious for their own good, particularly as they grow older.


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