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Libra Horoscope Characteristics

Does this describe you, if you're a Libra?

The consummate diplomat, Libra is one of the most charming signs of the zodiac. These peace-loving people always seem to know what to say to diffuse even the most challenging of situations.

This accommodating nature usually makes them personally popular and they tend to enjoy rich social lives.
However, this focus on keeping everyone happy does not simply stem from a desire to be well-liked – not that Libra minds that of course. These people are in possession of a strong sense of fairness and justice, which makes it almost impossible for them not to see all sides of a situation.

They cannot understand why such rounded perspective is not so easily available to everyone and their idealism and commitment to principles of justice lead many to enter the worlds of politics or law. Although once they are established there Libra may become somewhat disillusioned by the realization that not everyone is as committed to fairness as they are.

This tendency to compare and contrast is not however restricted to lofty ideals and Libra is likely to expend considerable energy on the most everyday choices. Playing Devil’s advocate is their natural position and even questions such as ‘What shall we have for dinner?’ can lead to an extensive debate on the relative merits of each choice… at several restaurants… at that particular time of day… This can irritate those whose energy is characterized by more impulsive signs such as Aries, or Sagittarius, and in some cases it can become difficult for Libra to live in and enjoy the present moment, such is their compulsion towards evaluation and comparison.

However, this wavering does stem from a real desire to treat everyone and everything fairly, which makes these people quite easy to get along with. There is rarely any combativeness behind their love of debate or discussion, although some may venture into the realm of intellectual point-scoring on occasion.

Their natural tendency towards discernment also means that most Libras are particularly gifted in the field of aesthetic appreciation. Art, culture and fashion are of enormous interest to them and Libras are usually the most stylishly dressed of all the signs in the zodiac.

A similar level of attention is usually put into decorating their homes, and they may spend a considerable amount of time testing paint colors and shopping for those all-important finishing touches. To them making sure that they have fully considered what is really the most beautiful dress in the shop is no different to weighing up the pros and cons of which restaurant to visit or what political position to support; every choice in life must be fully weighed-up.

For this reason many Libras gravitate towards professions within the arts, where their appreciation for all things aesthetic can be profitable. Ideal careers for Libras include fashion design, make-up artistry, antiques dealing or gallery management. Whichever field they find themselves working in, Libra will make the most of whatever networking opportunities present themselves and they usually find that their natural charm facilitates all of their endeavors immeasurably.

While this overall commitment to consideration and politeness means that Libras are unusually refined and civilized characters, it can also lead to charges of superficiality from those who find it difficult to understand Libras’ pre-occupation with what some would consider to be rather superficial matters.

A fairer criticism would be to say that, in their desire to please everyone, all of the time, Libras can often neglect to consider what it is that they truly value, measuring everything in more social or abstract terms, than personal ones. This can lead to a lack of fulfillment as they compromise on their own real desires in order to please others, or become overly co-dependent in relationships.

Other problems associated with endeavoring to please everyone include a certain flexibility with the truth. While Libras will try harder than most signs to avoid causing offence, they often do precisely that when those who they have been praising to their face later find out that this was not really an accurate expression of Libras feelings.

However, Libra might reasonably argue that this is no worse than offending someone outright, and point out that, if it works some of the time, then why not make an effort to be nice?

As children Libras are likely to find themselves invited more birthday parties than most, and usually behave impeccably once there. They are normally popular children all round with a certain leaning towards arts based subjects, although they may fret excessively about power struggles within their peer-group as they become older. Once they become teenagers they will embark upon a lifelong mission to develop their personal style.

If they can learn to balance their concern for pleasing others, with pursuing whatever it is that makes them truly happy – ironically the only form of balance that they seem to struggle with - then Libras certainly make the world a lighter place.


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