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Gemini Horoscope Characteristics

Does this describe you, if you're a Gemini?

The watchword for Gemini is Communication, with the capital C wholly intentional. These people love to talk, with anyone, anywhere and - since Gemini is a sign gifted with high intelligence – on any subject.

This sociable nature typically makes Gemini extraordinarily popular and they are likely to be the ones entertaining others with their clever observations and jokes at parties, flitting from group to group like the proverbial social butterfly, since Gemini finds it easy to make friends with people from all walks of life. Other ways of identifying the Gemini include perusal of their extensive facebook friends list, their invariably packed social schedule, or the pile of books on their bedside table which they never quite seem to get around to reading.

Their talent for finding common ground or subjects of interest with all types of people and their love of conversation makes them excellent representatives or sales people. They also do well in PR positions or anything which utilises their extensive social skills.

Their affinity with children and talents in the realm fun and games can also make them successful within a primary school or childcare setting.

Or those with a more mathematical inclination may enjoy the exchange that comes through a career in finance.
Whatever field they might find themselves in, Geminis see themselves as a perpetual work in progress, and are always looking for new things to learn and ways to improve. They are unusually open to new ideas and this openness and enthusiasm lends many a child-like quality well into old age. Many are life-long learners, particularly in the area of languages – after all, why confine their conversations to one?

Their playfulness and humorous approach to life is infectious and their effervescent company is typically much in demand.

On the flip-side, this constant quest for learning and entertaining can cause some Geminis to develop a nervous energy, or the sense that they are somehow not quite good enough with their current level of knowledge. It is important that they make sure to schedule in regular periods of relaxation so as to avoid the burn-out that can so easily come to them. To this end, sports such as short-distance running, cycling or squash can be particularly useful for the release of pent-up energy.

Their desire to entertain others through projecting a light and airy manner can also lead to a covering up of their occasional worries and Geminis would do well to ensure that there is at least one person who they don’t feel compelled to be on ‘entertainment mode’ with, so that they can receive the sort of emotional support that all signs require from time-to-time. Otherwise they are liable to find themselves in a position where they are surrounded by many acquaintances, though few people who really know them beyond a relatively superficial level.

In relationships Gemini is one of the signs that enjoy long conversations which carry on until three in the morning, preferably spanning a range of topics. They are likely to prefer a domestic set-up which is compatible with a variety of social engagements and will be happiest with a partner who shares their social disposition. While they may occasionally veer into argumentative mode and will not hesitate to express their feelings, their communicative nature means that disagreements are usually resolved before they become particularly serious and they are always equally interested in the other persons’ view.

Some might complain that Gemini can be a fraction superficial, operating on a certain level of detachment which makes intimacy difficult to achieve and, to an extent, this is true. Gemini is a sign which prioritizes variety of conversation over depth. Nevertheless, they are friendly, affectionate souls who take great pleasure in making other people happy.

As children Geminis are likely to be the popular ones in the class, effortlessly integrating with all of the different cliques while never quite being confined by one or another. They are usually particularly intelligent and learn quickly, which can make them easily bored if their requirement for intellectual stimulation is not met by empathetic teachers. While primary education comes easily to them, as Geminis get older they may find the lure of their social lives more complicated to reconcile with academic obligations. At this point their superior memories and capacity to organize information in record time will come in particularly useful.

Geminis do well in any role which puts their sociable natures and capacity for organizing multiple endeavors at once to productive use. Their restless natures mean that Geminis seldom retire or even take the day off in the true sense of the word. They are the ones likely to be heavily involved in organizing the Saturday soccer games, the PTA or whatever other social events are currently occupying their attention.

In this sense Geminis run through life making a contribution wherever they are; they simply don’t know how not to be involved.


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