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Scorpio Horoscope Characteristics

Does this describe you, if you're a Scorpio?

The word ‘intensity’ was invented for Scorpios. These people can be identified by their penetrating gaze and will put all of themselves into everything that they do. There are no half-measures with these people.

This can mean a particularly intense commitment to whatever work is that they are engaged in, although their approach to relationships is equally characterized by this sense of intensity and wholehearted commitment.

Scorpios are much more likely to be found enjoying a quiet evening in with some close friends than they are at a party, where the music would be too loud for the sort of in-depth conversations that they specialize in. Similarly, dressing up to stand out is typically not appealing for these reserved types, who prefer to observe the world from undercover as it were - unless of course their chart is also heavily influenced by one of the more flamboyant signs.
These characteristics could explain why other signs are often wary of the scorpion.

One could feel sorry for them; they are preceded by a certain reputation wherever they go. However, typically Scorpios couldn’t care less about what others think of them, unless those peoples’ opinions pose a real obstacle to whatever it is that they want to achieve. Otherwise such concerns are simply trifles to the typical Scorpio and some actually enjoy the sense of mystery that they present the world.

At their core Scorpios are interested in power. Independence and the feeling of control over their own lives are of crucial importance to these self-sufficient people, and many also enjoy control over others as well. It must be stressed that this is rarely for the pursuit of dark motives. It is simply the case that Scorpios derive their sense of security from the feeling of power.

To this end many are particularly interested in psychology and a considerable proportion enters this field in a professional capacity. Their interest in power-dynamics is underpinned by a strongly analytical mind and extraordinary research skills, which others put to use in careers such as police work, or academic research. Knowledge is power after all.

Willpower is a strong point for Scorpios, as is patience, and work which requires intense concentration over a long period of time is not as issue for these people.

In fact Scorpios typically apply this patience to their personal lives as well, often taking their time forming relationships, or indeed dissolving them, for they do not make gracious enemies.

Typically Scorpios want to know everything there is to know about everyone in their acquaintance and conversations can meander off small-talk and into deeper subjects with remarkable speed. Of course only half of the information that Scorpios receive comes from what the other person is actually saying. Scorpios are masters of reading between the lines, seeing beyond the surface of what would seem like superficial interactions to most people.

While they will ask a number of personal questions of those who they may only be casually acquainted with, which can surprise those of a more sensitive nature, Scorpio will usually change the subject when asked about their own lives in return. Their own sense of privacy is extremely important to them and they’re not too concerned if this seems unreasonable.

In a relationship Scorpios expect absolute loyalty and will often test partners for a considerable period of time before committing to them. Once their trust has been earned however, Scorpios are intensely passionate, committed types who will want to stay in a relationship for life.

There is nothing fickle about these people whatsoever. It is possible that their tendency to analyze may grate on those who prefer lighter interactions within the domestic sphere, and Scorpio is not adverse to confrontation. Though it must be said that this sign is not nearly so dark as it is often portrayed and the underlying curiosity regarding humanity which motivates most of their ‘interrogations’, or analyses of other people, also means that these people are particularly interested in the well-being of those who they love.

In childhood Scorpios are often quiet, unsure what to do with their capacity to read people or consider the darker questions in life at a time when brightness and cheerfulness is expected. Their presence and intensity can unsettle some and it would be fair to say that the playground is not their natural habitat.

That said they often excel in the academic side of school and their talent for analysis often makes them very funny indeed, although some may not share this talent for unusually perceptive humor with the wider world until later, when they are more comfortable with themselves.

Overall Scorpios can be most easily understood as the great investigators of humanity. While this may make them appear cynical or reserved, and make it difficult for them to truly enjoy the sort of social chit-chat that wins over most other signs, at least in the first instance, these people are deeply interested in humanity.

When this is understood and Scorpios are given the opportunity to become familiar with people at their own pace, it becomes obvious that they are some of the most considerate people in the zodiac, really interested in others. Additionally, if one is selected for their inner circle, one can be confident of having passed some fairly stringent criteria.


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