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Cancer Horoscope Characteristics

Does this describe you, if you're a Cancer?

The most nurturing sign in the zodiac, Cancer loves to take care of people. Nothing gives these people more satisfaction or pleasure than the feeling that those they love are secure, protected and well provided for.

They are most content surrounded by family and close friends, showing off their legendary hospitality and reminiscing about past good times. At some point the photo album is likely to make an appearance as well. Their sentimental natures and close contact with their own emotions mean that these people are often the first to cry at weddings. They are normally the lynchpin of their own families or social groups, taking responsibility for ensuring regular meet-ups.

Indeed, family and tradition are typically very important to Cancer and, if anyone is researching the family tree or preserving family heirlooms, it is likely to be them. If they do not have their own children, their caring, nurturing personalities make it likely that they will be looking after someone else’s children, pets or plants, cooking for others in a restaurant or involved in one of the caring professions.

Even if these people do not embark on a life of caring in a professional capacity, they will most likely be the shoulder to cry on within their own circle. To Cancer making time to care for others who might require them comes as naturally as breathing.

In some cases this can lead to a pre-occupation with matters of security and those with a lot of Cancer energy in their chart can be prone to worry. This brings to mind their symbol, the crab, which is protected wherever it goes by its impenetrable shell. There is the sense that, ideally, Cancers would like to establish a similar set-up for themselves.

Cancer can be one of the more reticent signs and will not open up to new people or situations quickly, preferring instead to develop a clear sense of circumstances and people, prior to revealing too much of themselves. Once their confidence is won however, these people make some of the most caring, loyal friends around.

Their ability to feel out others’ emotions means that they have an exceptional talent for saying the right things and they are fiercely protective of those they love. No one can sense and turn around an atmosphere that is threatening to turn sour like Cancer.

Typically these people find confrontation extremely upsetting and will do almost anything to avoid it, with the exception of those cases where those they love are at risk. In those cases there is no sign that will argue with more ferocity, or perseverance, though this may come as an enormous surprise to those who are first witnessing such a display from the ordinarily reserved and peace-making Cancer.

In relationships Cancer is exceptionally caring and dependable and, with their excellent memories for all things emotional, they will never forget a birthday or anniversary. Most likely they will have cooked something for the occasion as well, such is the pleasure they derive from providing for those they love.

On the less positive side, their exceptional ability to pick up on others’ emotions, combined with their extended memories, means that Cancer is a particularly sensitive sign and unlikely to forget arguments in a hurry. While they will never forget your birthday, they most certainly will not understand if you forget theirs... and they will not forget that you forgot theirs for some time.

These people can dwell on hurts long after everyone else has moved on and they can therefore be prone to depressive conditions if they do not learn to manage their expectations of others and to enhance their resilience as they grow older.

Martyrdom is another trait to watch out for in this sign, amongst those who do not feel that they receive sufficient love or appreciation in return for their efforts.

Moodiness is a definite feature of those with a lot of Cancer energy in their chart and, like their ruler, the moon, these people are quite changeable. There are many different versions of them, depending on the prevailing atmosphere and they are particularly sensitive to the influence of others’ emotions and moods. This changeability and ability to pick up on moods also makes them surprisingly good comedians and story-tellers, with insight into others’ thought processes and an unusual ability to feel-out an audience.

As children this sign exhibits an unusually caring and sympathetic nature. This will be the child to bring home the injured creature or who the one who is organizing the charity bake-sale. At school, others might gravitate towards history, which provides them with a further means of exploring their roots, which are incredibly important to this sign.

If the caring professions do not appeal, many Cancers find satisfaction working in museums, where they can share their reverence for the past or in restaurants.

Overall these people love to be of service and, as long as they are rightfully appreciated, are some of the most caring souls around.


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