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Taurus Horoscope Characteristics

Does this describe you, if you're an Taurus?

Calm and peaceful... up to a point, is a good way to summarize the second sign of the zodiac.

Those influenced by Taurus energy are often marked out by a serenity which seems to pervade their entire being, and an infectious sense of calm. They are typically peace-loving and it is unlikely that you will see a Taurus engaged in an open row. That said, they are a discerning sign and if their natural tranquility is disturbed, it is not too difficult to see where their reputation for stubbornness or grudge-holding comes from.

Stability and security are of crucial importance to Taurus, and they might find it hard to relax if those conditions are not met in their lives. To this end they are often creatures of habit, enjoying the sense of calm that comes from following routines and maintaining enduring relationships.

Tradition and familiarity matter to Taurus and in general they don’t tend to enjoy surprises, which can unsettle them.

Although don’t for a moment assume that these people are dull. Taurus energy is sensuous and aesthetic, which comes as no surprise when one realizes that they are ruled by the planet Venus.

These people are often well-grounded in the physical world of the senses. While this is what makes them so sensitive to changes in their environment it also produces excellent cooks, flamboyant gardeners, talented interior designers and excellent musicians. Indeed Taurus is the sign that can elevate comfort and security to a form of art.

If you visit a Taurus, don’t bring an unexpected guest, but do expect to enjoy lovingly cooked food and a cozy atmosphere in their home - and the dinner will most likely be in their home, which they ordinarily prefer to the hustle and bustle of a restaurant on a Saturday night.

While Taurus relaxes well, once they start work they are hard to stop, befitting a sign that is symbolized by the bull. Their stamina is legendary and their perseverance enables them to overcome even the most challenging of tasks. If they should take to sport – perhaps to counterbalance their love of good food – expect to see them training for marathons rather than sprints, or engaging in yoga rather than aerobics.

This overall sense of calm can be misinterpreted as slowness by the faster-moving sings and Taurus might frustrate some with their measured pace, but their deliberative quality marks out their overall discernment. In all respects of life Taurus wants to make sure that it has made the right choice, from what to have for dinner, to what to say in a particular situation. They will not be rushed into anything and insisting that they should hurry up and choose is one of the few surefire ways of riling a Taurus.

Another means of annoying them is by encroaching on what they see as their private space or possessions. Taurus is not the sort of sign that would be happy to lend you their books. Indeed, if reading is something they enjoy, their books are likely to be first editions or works of art in their own right, lovingly organized on their own particular shelf. Taurus is a materialistic sign.

This stems both from their desire for security – possessions make them feel secure – but also from their heightened appreciation for beautiful objects. While some might lean towards hoarding tendencies, at their best this sign make wonderful curators. Owning their own home is also likely to be important to Taurus, who enjoys the relative sense of permanence that such a commitment provides.

Unfortunately this tendency to want to curate things can also extend to people and Taurus is one of the more possessive signs. They require unwavering loyalty in their relationships and will ideally pair up for life. They will win over the object of their affection by indulging them with good food, tremendous loyalty and comfortable surroundings.

This is not a sign which enjoys arguments and, in fact, they will go a long way to avoid confrontation. Similarly they do not appreciate theatrics from a partner. If arguments do arise they are most likely to stem from Taurus’ natural stubbornness and inflexibility, which helps them to maintain their personal sense of security through slowing the pace of change, but which can infuriate others.

As a child, Taurus is likely to be the one baking cakes on a Saturday morning, or enjoying the great outdoors. Typically they have a great affinity with the natural world and are likely to keep pets if at all possible. They will ideally form enduring friendships early on in life and remain remarkably loyal to those who they have chosen.

Ideal careers for Taurus include anything where their slow-pace, sensual deliberation or love of nature are positive attributes. Think recipe development – chef in a busy kitchen not so much – gardener, florist, museum curator, music or arts reviewer or zoo-keeper. When given the opportunities to put their heightened sensory perception and love of stable routine to wider use, these serene people make a wonderful contribution to the world.


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