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Pisces Horoscope Characteristics

Does this describe you, if you're a Pisces?

Pisces are the quintessential dreamers of the zodiac, creative and idealistic. They are renowned for their affinity for the creative arts and many famous musicians and artists are influenced by Pisces energy.

Their creativity often stems from an extraordinarily open and sensitive mind, which permits them to take inspiration from all manner of sources which other signs might overlook, and to see the connections between the most disparate of subjects.

Pisceans’ sensitive, empathetic nature means that most are highly compassionate people, and those who are not drawn towards the arts can make unusually talented carers or therapists. Their ability to empathize in a way which almost seems to go beyond standard forms of communication lends many a remarkable affinity for animals, and, even if this field does not appeal professionally, they are likely to enjoy keeping pets.

Others may find satisfaction from pursuing a religious or spiritual life, where they can explore their more esoteric interests and meet others who share their open approach to the world’s mysteries.

While this overall sense of permeability can enhance inspiration and compassion for others, some Pisceans find that they must watch that their boundaries are not over-stepped, otherwise these kind, open-hearted people can find that their energy reserves are rapidly depleted by the demands of others.

Learning to say ‘no’ without feeling unnecessary levels of remorse is an important lesson for Pisces and many will find that their lives become much more fulfilling and productive once they have mastered this skill and are able to put their own interests first and foremost. In this way Pisces are able to fulfill their own potential while actually making a greater contribution the wider world, having filled their own cup first.

Ensuring their own contentment is particularly important to sensitive Pisceans, who may find themselves drawn to unhealthier modes of escapism, such as that which can be obtained through alcohol, or other compulsive behaviors, if they are not satisfied with the conditions of their life.

That said, these people do have a remarkable ability to transmute their personal suffering into creative projects and indeed many seem to grow through the experience of it. They usually emerge from their darker periods, with either a creative interpretation which they are ready to share for the benefit of humanity or, at the very least, an enhanced compassion for others which they then draw upon to offer support to those who are in current need.

However, when they can find happiness, Pisces are charming people, whose open-mindedness and creative flair often wins them considerable admiration from others. They are exceptionally relaxed individuals, who prefer to go with the flow and it is easy to make them laugh.

If they do occasionally exasperate other signs it is usually as a result of their absent-mindedness and tendency to live with their ‘head in the clouds’, although excursions into the creative realm are essential for Pisces. They are not typically tidy people, and their systems of organization are rarely intelligible to other signs.

As children Pisces are often the day-daydreamers, who will spend hours looking out of the window, seemingly not paying attention, only to astound everyone later with their expressions of creativity. These are the children whose formative works in crayon are actually rather good.

While they are young Pisceans may struggle to find a sense of direction in life and, as a sign, decisiveness is not one of their strongest points. When they do come to a conclusion, they are much more likely to explain it in terms of ‘instinct’ or ‘intuition’, rather than with reference to any wider system of reasoning, or to any societal expectations.

Similarly Pisceans are also liable to change their minds with more frequency than most signs. Once more this comes down to their permeable boundaries. They are impressionable people and if one happens to encounter them in a variety of social settings one will notice that they possess a chameleon-like quality, able to assimilate within any group of people through modifying the way in which they express themselves.

While this may seem to convey superficiality to some, in reality it is simply Pisces’ superpower like levels of empathy at work. These people are experts at sensing the prevailing mood or atmosphere and conforming with that, although mostly this occurs on an unconscious level. They are not ones to enter a room and set about changing the mood to suit them, preferring instead to take their cues from others.

For this reason it is important that Pisces surround themselves with people whose company they enjoy and who they would be proud to be associated with. This is particularly the case in personal relationships, in which Pisces are more likely than most signs to lose their sense of self.

If they can maintain their precious sense of identity and the unique talents which stem from it, Pisces can become some of the charming, empathetic people one could meet, whose creativity explores and reflects the themes and life-experiences of all signs, enhancing our understanding of ourselves and each other.


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