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Sagittarius Horoscope Characteristics

Does this describe you, if you're a Sagittarius?

For Sagittarius, life is one long adventure. These people are natural explorers, constantly on the look-out for new places to go, new people to meet and new things to learn.

Sagittarius values space and freedom above all else. Their well-being can suffer if they are not permitted occasional excursions and, if cooped up for too long, these people can develop a sense of profound restlessness which can turn into depression over time. Therefore it is important that these people make space for adventure in their lives.

Sagittarians are ordinarily popular types and their humorous, playful natures make them excellent company. They are experts at lifting the mood of those around them as their cheerful optimism is infectious. They rarely take themselves seriously and are always ready to play the fool if it will entertain somebody.

However, it could be said that Sagittarius often maintains that cheerfulness through escapist tendencies, which can sometimes prove irritating to their friends and families. They will think nothing of flying off at a moment’s notice whenever some exiting destination presents itself, and their plans are always of a highly provisional nature. This can lead to accusations of disorganization and flightiness, although most Sagittarians would dispute this, suggesting instead that all plans are written in pencil. This tendency for flight is most likely to present itself during times of crisis, when Sagittarians find it much more convenient to make themselves scarce than to deal with complex emotional situations directly. The modern dating phenomenon of ‘ghosting’ was probably invented by a Sagittarius.

Their love of travel mean that Sagittarians often feature disproportionately in expat populations and on gap year voyages. If they can secure a career which permits extensive travel, they will be particularly happy. Most Sagittarians are lively, honest workers, who can always be relied on to raise morale. Their openness makes them popular with co-workers, who know that, with Sagittarius, what you see is what you get.

The travel that Sagittarians so love to indulge in is not restricted to the realm of geography. These people also love the sort of exploration that comes through education. Subjects such as philosophy and religion, or anything which involves the study of other cultures, holds particular appeal, enabling Sagittarius to explore the world of ideas and customs, which fascinates them, even if travel is not currently an option. When they can travel, these are not idle wanderers and will frequently read-up on wherever it is they’re headed for in order to make sure that they make the most out of the experience.

Indeed many Sagittarians find themselves in the world of academia, where they may spend the school terms exploring and explaining whichever philosophical theory is currently occupying their attention while enjoying the long summer holidays, in which travel will feature prominently.

While they make natural teachers, delighting in sharing their knowledge and experiences with the world, they should be careful not to venture to far into preaching territory, which can alienate those who not share their opinions or who do not wish to be ‘enlightened’ through Sagittarius’ findings.

Another way that Sagittarius might annoy other signs is through their propensity for forgetfulness or impatience. While Sagittarius loves to explore the big themes of life and can often hold lengthy conversations on such matters, engaging with more mundane realities such as when their friends’ birthdays are, or what day the tax return is due, often poses more of a challenge for them.

They can also ruffle feathers with their exceptional candor, and often suffer from speak-first-think-later syndrome. This stems from their own innate confidence and easy-goingness, which can make it difficult for them to understand that not everyone is blessed with such imperviousness to criticism.

Within the context of a relationship Sagittarians are most happy with someone who shares their love of adventure and even when they produce children, these adventurous types will most likely adopt the view that that the extra company will only enhance their adventures. They rarely slow down with age and their perpetual curiosity usually means that they remain intellectually engaged with the world and new developments in current affairs whatever age they may reach.

While these traits can sometimes be irritating within the context of a relationship or friendship, it is quite difficult to remain cross with a Sagittarius for too long, when they are such cheerful human beings.

Their interest in all things philosophical often means that, if Sagittarians should cause offence, it is highly unlikely to be malicious in intent and much more likely to have its roots in a clash of personalities or mindsets.

As children, Sagittarians are often notably outdoorsy and adventurous types, and many are gifted with athletic prowess. While they often do well in subjects where their philosophical natures cane be of relevance, they often struggle with the tedium of much school work and are liable to ask ‘What is the point?’ if something doesn’t immediately attract their interest. While this can prove challenging within a classroom context, their funny and cheerful personalities ordinarily make them very popular, even amongst those teachers who are charged with ensuring their compliance with certain rules.

Overall these are charming people to be around... when they are there that is.


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